Kirkcudbright Forum

Kirkcudbright Forum was established in 1999 after a series of town meetings. The Forum is a voluntary group, which seeks to improve the economic, social, physical and cultural development of Kirkcudbright for the benefit of its local community.

As part of the work of the Forum we developed Kirkcudbright Artists’ Town, and branding for the town, which reflects its long history of attracting artists. The logo that represents Kirkcudbright Artists’ Town has been developed over the last few years and is now to be found in most shops, publications and websites about the town.

The Forum meets on the fourth Monday of every month (except August) at 5.30pm in the Selkirk Arms Hotel. Anyone is welcome to attend. If you wish to contact the Forum, please do so through the Clerk –


2016 Agenda Minutes
January KBTForumMins-No82-25 January 2016
February KBTForumMins-No83-22 February 2016
April KBTForumMins-No84-25 April 2016
May KBTForumMins-No85-23May2016
June KBTForumMins-No86-27 June 2016
July KBTForumAgenda-No89-27July 2016 (Cancelled)
November kbtforummins-agm-no89-28-november-2016
January  KBTForumMins-No88-23rd January 2017
February  KBTForumAgenda-No94-27th Feb 2017  KBTForumMins-No89 – 27 February 2017
March  KBTForumAgenda-No94-27th March2017  KBTForumMins-No90 – 27 March 2017
April  KBTForumAgenda-No94-24th April 2017
May  KBT Forum Minutes 22 May 2017
June  KBT Forum Agenda.26.6.17 KBT Forum Minutes 26 June 2017
July  KBT Forum Agenda.24.7.17  KBT Forum Minutes 24th July 2017-approved
August  –  –
September  KBT Forum Agenda.25.9.17  KBT Forum Minutes 25th September 2017-approved
October  KBT Forum Agenda.23.10.17  KBT Forum Minutes 23rd October 2017-approved
November  KBT Forum minutes 27th November 2017.approved
 January  KBT Forum Agenda.22.1.18  KBT Forum minutes 22nd January 2018.approved
 February  KBT Forum minutes 26th Feb 2018.approved
 March  KBT Forum minutes 26th March 2018 approved
 April  KBT Forum minutes 23rd April 2018.approved
 May  KBT Forum minutes 28th May 2018 approved
 June  KBT Forum Agenda.25.6.18  KBT Forum minutes 25th June 2018 approved
 July  KBT Forum Agenda.23.7.18  KBT Forum minutes 23rd July 2018 approved
August  –  –