Kirkcudbright Harbour

Kirkcudbright harbour
Kirkcudbright Harbour is currently the 5th busiest fishing port in Scotland and the 9th busiest in the UK. Approximately 24 fishing vessels use the port regularly landing shellfish, principally scallops and ‘queenies’. In recent years between 7000 and 8000 tonnes have been landed to local fish merchants annually, making a significant contribution to the local economy. Fishing vessels also lay over for repairs and for rest periods. Occasional small cargo vessels visit the harbour.

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Kirkcudbright Marina

Kirkcudbright is a local authority run marina situated on the River Dee in Dumfries & Galloway. The Marina offers a peaceful haven to stop and enjoy the atmosphere of this historic harbour town. Floating pontoon providing shore access for both visiting yachts and permanent moorings. It is approximately five nautical miles upriver from Little Ross Island by the way of a well lit buoyed channel, which in general gives access to the town at High Water +/- 2½ hours. Admiralty chart 1344 is advised for visitors. There is shelter in Kirkcudbright bay except from winds from SW through S to SE. Anchorages can be found in the lee of Little Ross, Flint Bay or with care there are several areas where you can find room to dry out. The river above Kirkcudbright is not navigable for yachts due to a low bridge above the town quay. There are guest berths at the marina. The following facilities are available: Showers, toilets, changing facilities, refuse & recycling bins. Disabled toilets, showers and access are present. Nearby there is an engineers and chandlers.


Kirkcudbright Marina is accessible by pedestrians from Castle Bank leading to Castledykes Walk. The national cycle route passes by the harbour and the marina is close by. By car follow the signs from the High Street to the swimming pool and there is a car parking area close to the Marina.

The Harbour Master can be contacted on 01557 331135


Note for visiting vessels
There is an MoD live firing range on the east side of the entrance to Kirkcudbright Bay, this is clearly marked on Charts 1346, 2094 and 1344. There are no restrictions on the right to transit the area. The range control vessel ‘Gallovidian’ should be contacted on Ch16 or 73 or by mobile telephone on 07970 109814 for information regarding firing.
Further Information
The Council has produced a Harbour Directory.  This aims to provide users of harbours with useful harbour related information.  A copy of the directory is available at all the Council operated harbours or you can download a copy by following this link to Dumfries & Galloway Council: harbours