Music Group

Enabling all children to participate in and appreciate musical performance and to bring music to all sections of the community

Meeting in Cochran Hall, 7.00 p.m. Thursday 19th January 2017:

Notes and Action Points

Attending: Anthony Tuffery, Paul Tebay, John Frew, Hannah Gill, John Lawson, Leon McCaig, Ruth Paterson, Kathleen Picken, Colin Saul, John Womersley

Apologies: Sheila McKean (Gatehouse Musical Society; David McHale (GMS and Kbt. Development Trust); Jane Richardson (Kbt. Choral Society); Mike Duguid (Rotary)

Head Teacher’s perspective: to give all children of all abilities the opportunity to play music beyond the classroom in the widest range of settings. By bringing people from the town and further afield to the School, and Schoolchildren into the community, the School can be brought to the heart of the community and Kirkcudbright become as re-known for Art in its widest sense as for its Artists. The two-year funding from the Holywood Trust and other sources will be used for extracurricular tuition and performance and is a further step in building up music facilities, equipment and performance that began three years ago and it is hoped will continue for many years to come. Sustainability will therefore be a key consideration.

Points emerging from discussion:

  • There is a commitment to raise £1,500 p.a. for the first two years from ‘community sources’ (e.g. donations of instruments and cash and ‘in kind’ volunteer tuition and other activity). This is in addition to agreed input from Rotary.
  • It is important to promote Cochran Hall as a performance venue.
  • Performances by professional instrumentalists and singers (in Dumfries and other locations as well as Kirkcudbright) provide invaluable opportunities for teaching and inspiring young people. Arrangements however require careful preparation
  • Holywood Trust may be prepared to support existing (e.g. Jazz Festival) and new musical events in the town, provided that a benefit for young people can be shown.
  • Considerable effort is usually required to cajole young people to listen to music to which they are not accustomed (e.g. using ‘class time’, providing transport – difficult!).
  • Performances do not have to be ‘polished’ to provide enjoyment to others: often the opposite: ‘unsophisticated’ audiences are more than happy to give young people a valuable learning experience, particularly if they can join in occasionally .There are many opportunities for informal events, one or two performers often being all that are needed.
  • The Art and Crafts Trail would welcome young performers, particularly at its Harbour Square site: but the event (47h-7th August) is during school holidays. There are also opportunities for performing during the summer Harbour Nights.
  • The pre-Christmas Café Academy was highly popular with a great atmosphere. Visitors particularly enjoyed the musical performances.
  • The project requires a formal launch, to explain its purpose and promote Cochran Hall as a venue.
  • A calendar of musical events is also needed. More senior pupils could possibly

participate, and would have experience in using Facebook to promote events. However it was agreed that the possibility of including musical events in existing community websites should first be fully explored.


Café Largo (Latin and Jazz)
Ruth Paterson and Tony Connor
Latin and swing.
01557 860685

Gatehouse of Fleet Music Society
Sheila Mckean
62, High Street
Gatehoue of Fleet DG7 2HP

Kirkcudbright Childrens’ Music Group
Tony Bonning
3, Shilling Hill,
Kirkcudbright DG6 4EF
01557 332067

Kirkcudbright Jazz Festival
Leon McCaig
01557 330467

Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival
26 May – 4 June


Thurs. 12th January
Robyn Stapleton and Friends

Broughton House, Kirkcudbright
£12 (inc. wine and finger buffet)

Songs of Scottish and Irish heritage:
‘her warm sweet voice a depth and
colour belying her youthfulness’

‘Songs of Robert Burns’ album to be
released on 20
th January,

Sat. 28th January 2017, 7.30 p.m.
Grace Mo

Broughton House. Kirkcudbright
Contact: see

Internationally acclaimed pianist and chamber
musician; promoter of music education

Sun. 5th February 2017,  7.30 p.m.
Ad Libitum

Gatehouse Parish Church, Castramon Road
Tickets: £18/16/5


Djordje and Andrea Cajic; accordionist and
Violinist, Royal Conservatoire.

Bach Sonata in E minor; Bartok; Vivaldi; Dranga;
Achron; Sarasata

Sat. 18th February 2017, 7.30 p.m.
Aurea Quartet

Cally Palace Hotel
Contact: see

Glasgow-based prize-winners of the
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Wide-ranging pieces

Thurs. 16th March 2017, 7.30 p.m.
Robert Irvine and Allan Neave

Gatehouse Parish Church, Castramon Road

Outstanding cellist creating an immediate rapport
with his audiences, and one of the foremost
classical guitarists of his generation.

Vivaldi Sonata in E minor and other works

Sat. 18th March 2017
Sarah-Jane Bradley, 7.30 p.m.

Broughton House, Kirkcudbright

“In her hands the viola is passionate, eloquent
and wide-ranging in its colours and moods: top of
any list of recommended recordings.”

Fri. 24th March 2017, 7.30 p.m.
Sean Taylor

The Mill on the Fleet
Contact: 01557 814099

Acclaimed singer-songwriter. New album Flood & Burn
to be released 3rd Feb 2017


Sat. 27th May 2017
Café Largo (Latin and Swing)
Cochran Hall, Kirkcudbright Academy

A night in Holywood – with pupils from Kbt.  Academy.
A celebration of cinema through songs from the movies


Thurs. 8th – Sun. 11th June 2017
th Kirkcudbright Jazz Festival
Various venues

A celebration of traditional, New Orleans,
Dixieland and Swing Jazz